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MindIT is not only about computers. MindIT is about computers and YOU.

At MindIT, we understand computers today are far from what we expected. They are completely mindless. They know nothing about your business and how it works. Although hardware are getting cheaper, implementing and maintaining a preferable IT solutions could still far beyond small businesses can afford.

Our goal, with your help, is to make IT better and affordable.

"No Jargons, just IT solutions we need."

Rob Petersen
Wilkran Constructions Ltd.


Did you know that when NASA sent astronauts into space, they discovered that the common ballpoint pen simply would not work in zero gravity.

This discovery resulted in millions of dollars being spent developing a pen that would write in outer space, under water, in temperatures over a hundred degrees, on top of an ice cap mountain, in fact any condition that you could possibly imagine.

And, you can buy these pens today. However... what the Russians did... was use a pencil. To us this is an elegant solution. What this demonstrates is that we humans have a tendency to over complicate things.

At MindIT we value:


At MindIT, we worry about computers so you don't have to. We make IT simple for you. Simple to understand, simple to implement, and simple to use.


Open Mind - innovate way of using latest information technology to help you doing business better.

Open Source - most of our solutions are based on open source software and free software. Click here for more detailed discussion on open source software

Open for Growth - the affordable solution for you has low total cost of ownership, which is scalable and provides a path for future growth.


It has been proved to be working and will work for you. Simple as that.