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Mobile Office Solutions

In this section we introduce solutions with their underlying technologies which extends your office networks to wherever the Internet reaches. This is the ability to work on the company network – seamlessly retaining all of the features and functionality enjoyed at the office – but from a remote location anywhere at any time.

These solutions includes:


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At MindIT we focus on affordable working solution that particularly suitable for small businesses.

Feel free to contact us and discuss your need. Together with your help, we can find the right IT solution exactly for your business.

We can use these technologies to build better IT solutions for your business.Here are some typical applications (but not limited to)

  • Remote home office

  • Mobile workforce

  • Linking branch office (Satellite office)
  • Collaborative working environment
  • Remote online backup

The main benefit of using this technologies includes reduced overheads, increased productivity and, potentially, increased employee retention and satisfaction, as they can be more flexible in how they work.